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To say I am a fan of Pilates is somewhat of an understatement – It has changed my life quite fundamentally. I discovered Pilates in 2012 and the impact has been profound. I am both physically and mentally stronger, I have more energy, I have more stamina, and yes, I look better.

Let me explain each one of those rather dramatic statements.

The basic principles of Pilates are breathing, concentration, control, centering, precision and flow. I am stronger physically due to the nature of the exercises – they’re intense. Pilates was originally developed in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates from a combination of yoga, martial arts, boxing, and weightlifting. It’s not a high impact cardio routine, but controlled, precise movements that challenge the body to promote strength, flexibility, and balance – and it just works. The body becomes stronger, firmer and better aligned to cope with daily life more easily.

I feel energised because I have learned how to breathe properly and I have improved my posture significantly – I have asthma – quite a scary condition I find – and understanding the effect of posture has been a massive help and taking control of my breathing has empowered me – I feel in control and less scared as such I am stronger mentally.

I find daily activities don’t leave me drained as I have much more energy. I’m 43 and my world revolves around my family; a very active husband, he’s the current Masters National Champion and used to swim for his country; our brilliant daughter Emma, she’s 6 so every day brings something new; our busy busy dog Oscar, a working cocker who nobody told is nearly 11; and this year we added a couple of loppy bunnies to the team. We are more active than the pre-Pilates me would have been able to be – I’m so grateful I discovered it – the lifestyle it affords me is wonderful.

I didn’t start Pilates to lose weight (there are faster routes if that’s your ambition) but lose it I have – not a particularly massive amount – I was never a candidate for Britain’s Biggest Loser but it looks like I have lost more than the scales suggest – just because engaging the core muscles brings about an improved posture that looks better. The lower abdominals and hips are where it’s most significant – and the strength that comes with that is clear.

Pilates exercises are applicable – and adaptable – to suit pretty much anybody, whether you’re an active individual or not. Free from back pain, joint pain or in need of some rehabilitation, then I can help you.

If you enjoy a class environment or one-on-one tuition I can help. Have a look at the schedule and see what works and if you have any questions pick up the phone or pop into the studio.

If you enjoy it even half as much as I do you’ll never look back!

That’s enough from me – here’s what my clients have to say…

I have been attending Beckys Pilates classes for some time now.  She is very attentive to detail and each individual in her classes, taking care to ask each and every person how they are and if there is anything that she needs to pay particular attention to before a class starts.
She will interact within each class and will be hands on if you need any kind of help whether your a beginner or more advanced. Her classes have always been fun and lively and she has a great personality and gets along with everyone.  I would highly recommend her Pilates classes to anyone regardless of age or physical condition as Becky makes sure you don’t hurt or overdo any form of exercise while in her care. Each class has been an enjoyable experience for me and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her new venture to anyone I know.
Onwards and upwards Becky Cooper
Denise Bowers

Becky has been teaching me Pilates for just over a year. She is a bit of a hard task master, but I have really reaped the benefits and thanks to her expert tuition, I am much more flexible and supple.

Mike Knowles

Becky’s enthusiasm and commitment to Pilates’ instruction is second to none. Through the work I do with her in mat-based classes sessions, I have learned huge amounts about my own body and how to keep it healthy. She knows exactly what level to take me to and I always feel that I have achieved something. She is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the qualities that she brings to every session make Pilates a joy to do.

Ken Ogden

I know that pilates helps my back problems and I have attended many classes over the years.

Becky Cooper is one of the best instructors I have found.  She has a deep knowledge of her subject and gently pushes all of her students, beginners to advanced, to achieve the maximum benefit of each class within their own physical limitations.

The fact that she does this with a lot of humour and a touch of madness takes our minds off the pain! Classes are always fun and full of laughter but we all see a slow and steady improvement in strength and mobility week by week.

Sharon David

Becky is such a wonderful Pilates and Yoga instructor.

I have been going to Becky’s classes for nearly 2 years and I absolutely love every class, she makes the classes fun whilst keeping you motivated throughout.  Becky really cares about all of her clients and their progress.

I have never been a person who enjoys exercise but this is the one thing that I love and have kept up and I that’s thanks to Becky’s enthusiasm and teaching style. Pilates and yoga has really made a difference to me, my fitness has improved massively and so has my posture.

Stacey Edwards

Becky takes the time to get to know everyone in her classes which makes you feel welcome and happy to be there. Her sessions are fun, varied and tailored to the abilities of the people in them so you can stay in your comfort zone or stretch yourself if you like. After an hour of Pilates with Becky I always come away feeling energized, entertained and happy.

Amy Richards

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