December – where did that come from?!

We have new stuff for the Festive Season in the shape of 24 blokes! No Pipers Piping or Partridges in any kind of Tree – just 24 brilliantly strong men.

Fuelled by the fundamental belief that strength is optimised only when balanced with an equal measure of flexibility, I’ve recently been working with Genus Therapy and The Hornets Rugby Team.

We’ve devised effective Pilates and Freestyle Fitness Yoga routines to help the team further develop through the pre-season to emerge next year even better than before!

It’s clear they are strong, this is not up for debate, but their flexibility is something we believe we can improve upon.

If every member of the opposition were to politely present head on then maybe their ability to flex, twist, turn, bend and come back entirely unaffected may not be high on the priority list…

However, they do not.

They appear – most inconveniently – from every which way and our lads need to react and respond they need to deal with them swiftly.

That’s all we’re doing – adding the flex into a very strong set of bodies – and it’s fun!

Working Hard to be the best that they can B…

What are you going to B?